(62612) Smoked Whole Trout - Belleau Bridge (Lincolnshire)

(62612) Smoked Whole Trout - Belleau Bridge (Lincolnshire)

Belleau Bridge Trout  

Farmed by Simon & Ginny Harrop in the chalk streams of the Lincolnshire Wolds, Belleau Bridge has a great reputation for full flavoured fish, reared on site from hatchlings and fry. 

We supply Belleau Bridge Trout as Whole Fish or as boneless Fillets. 

Our Whole fish are gutted and gilled before being brined in Kosher grade salt and hot smoked slowly using 100% Norfolk Oak. 

We supply the whole fish either in individual packs or in 2 Kg Boxes 

While the Whole fish are hot smoked "on the bone" and maintain a soft texture we also offer Fillets for those that prefer the subtle flavour of Trout without having bones making them great for serving or flaking in to salads or risottos for example.

Supplied in vacuum sealed packs, clearly dated and labelled and shipped chilled to most UK destinations overnight by Parcelforce

Serving Suggestions :

Whole hot smoked Trout can be served straight from the pack or warmed through for 5 minutes in a 180 degree oven. Garnished with lemon slices and served with a Green or Roquette salad, New potatoes and a light balsamic or mayonnaise dressing it makes a beautiful summer lunch or dinner.   

When served warm, our Trout fillets make a memorable meal with a little creamed horseradish.

Full product Nutrition Analysis Rainbow Trout Nutrition data

Product Information

Product contains bones

Allergy : Contains Fish(Oncorhynchus mykiss

Cooking: Ready to Eat or Warm Through

Storage: Use by date on pack (normally two weeks refrigerated unopened), Product will Freeze

Delivery Information

Generally we don't ship freshly smoked fish Thursdays and Fridays by courier so please order before Wednesday for delivery the same week.

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  • Product Information

    Rainbow trout are not actually native to these shores they are considered native in the North Pacific Ocean and associated drainages from the Amur River in eastern Asia, north along the Pacific slope including the Kamchatka Peninsula and extreme north-eastern Russia and along the Pacific slope of North America from Alaska south to northern Mexico.

    Rainbow trout are predators with a varied diet, and will eat nearly anything they can grab. Their image as selective eaters is only a legend. Rainbows are not quite as piscivorous or aggressive as brown trout or lake trout (char). Young rainbows survive on insects, fish eggs, and smaller fish (up to 1/3 of their length), along with crayfish and other crustaceans. As they grow, though, the proportion of fish increases in most all populations. Some lake-dwelling lines may become planktonic feeders. While in flowing waters populated with salmonids, trout eat varied fish eggs, including salmon and cutthroat trout, as well as the eggs of other rainbow trout, alvei, fry, smolt and even leftover carcasses. 

  • Cooking Guide

    Cooking Guide

    serve-as-is.pngtick.pngWhole smoked trout can be served from the pack as it is. 
    blend.pngtick.pngI would suggest this as a great way to make some outstanding pate, just make sure to remove the bones.
    fry.pngtick.pngA very straight forward way to eat the trout, in a pan with a touch of oil, when hot pop it in after 2-3 minutes turn it over.    
    microwave.pngtick.pngTrout Can be cooked in a microwave in between 90 seconds and 2 minutes, makes sure to put them in a microwavable dish though! also if you want to remove the heads and tails before cooking that also works.
    grill.pngtick.pngA couple of minutes each side under the grill is a great way to heat the trout trough.
    oven-bake.pngtick.pngThere couldn't be an easier way, clean the trout and make sure all the pin bones are removed, place the trout skin side down on a large oiled oven proof dish or on foil, and season to taste and bake for 10-12min at roughly 180C degrees.
    simmer.pngcross.jpgPut trout in a shallow pan and add vinegar and enough water just to cover the fish. Add salt and place on stove over medium-high heat. When water just begins to boil, remove from heat and let stand, covered, for 10-15 minutes. Drain and carefully lift fish to a platter.
    steam.pngcross.pngSteamed trout can take as little as 5-6 min, with a lot of very good recipes on the old world wide web. 
    storage.pngtick.pngsmoked trout will keep well in the vacuum pack. Generally we will give it 14 days to be on the safe side, this item can be frozen and the quicker you freeze the better it is when you thaw..

  • Nutrition Data
    Nutrition Facts
    For a Serving Size of 3 oz (85g)
    Calories142.8Calories from Fat 56.5 (39.5%)

    % Daily Value *
    Total Fat6.3g-
    Saturated fat 1.4g-
    Monounsaturated fat 2g-
    Polyunsaturated fat 1.5g-
    Trans fat 0g-
    Net carbs 0g-
    Sugar 0g-
    Fiber 0g0%
  • Recipe Ideas

    Steamed Cantonese Style Trout  -

    Ingredients :

    1 Rainbow trout

    2 inches of peeled ginger

    Salt and pepper to taste

    Dressing :

    2 cloves of Garlic

    1 Inch of peeled Ginger

    2 tbsp vegetable oil

    1 tsp sesame oil

    2 tbsp soy sauce

    Garnish :

    1 red chilli (seeded and cut into strips)

    1 onion finely sliced

    Cilantro for garnishing

    Instructions :


    1) Place the garlic, julienned ginger, vegetable oil and sesame oil in a microwavable dish, Microwave on high for 90 seconds. remove pour soy sauce into garlic oil and stir to combine. set aside.

    Preparing the Fish

    1) Using the sharp edge of the knife, scrape the fish skin towards the head to remove the scales, rinse and pa dry with paper towels.

    2) Butterfly the fish and place it flesh side up, Sprinkle with salt and pepper, grate ginger over the fish.

    Steaming the Fish

    1) Add about 2 inches of water to a large wok or pan, put a metal rack or stand in the wok or pan, cover and bring water to the boil.

    2) Place dish with fish on the metal rack. cover pan and reduce heat to medium. Steam for 10-12 minutes, the trout is done when the flesh flakes easily.

    3) Remove and drain some fish juices if there is too much on the pate. pour dressing over fish. Garnish with chilli, onion and cilantro.

    4) serve and enjoy


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