(63183) Smoked Salmon Pate (Retail)

(63183) Smoked Salmon Pate (Retail)

Smoked Salmon Pâté 200g (63183)

A rich indulgent Smoked Salmon Pate made with prime Scottish salmon Cold smoked in our Oak Kilns and then cooked gently to release the flavours and character of the traditional smoking. We make our Pate with a recipe thats been in the Skews Family for many, many weeks. Stolen from a couple of great chefs, we add only natural ingredients which means the shelf life is relatively short BUT if you are looking for professional restaurant quality Smoked Salmon Pate then you will probably enjoy this. We add locally Cracked Pepper, Creme Fraiche and a little Cream Cheese together with fresh Coriander, the zest and juice of Lemons and Limes and a little Fennel to add a background note. 

If you fancy a little extra then go for the Chilli version, remember Spice is the Variety of Life.. (I thought of that all on my own !), wasted being a smoker, I could have been a Sun headline writer... 

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