Smoked Fish

From our own, family run, Heritage Smokehouse where fish has been smoked for nearly 200 years on the site of the famous Lowestoft Beach Village we now offer a fantastic range of smoked fish. 

Our award winning Smoked Salmon is smoked slowly in our "uniquely seasoned" brick kilns over English Oak. Our Hot Smoked Salmon is recognised as being among the best available. So, whether you are looking for Kiln Roast Salmon, Traditional Kippers, Bloaters, Red Herrings, Smoked Mackerel (of all flavours), Smoked Haddock, Cod, Lincolnshire Trout, Sea Bass, Hake, Halibut, Prawns, Gravalax, or local Sprats we have the widest range of quality smoked fish around.  

All our fish is hand cut and prepared in our own cutting and gutting room by experienced filleters before being cured, smoked, packed and labelled to customers specification, whether its 500 smoked mackerel fillets for Billingsgate fish market or a pair of kippers for your breakfast, the same care and quality applies.