Ordering & Delivery

We order fresh fish regularly from boats, markets and specialist processors. We don't receive product in on a Monday as the markets are closed over the weekend, so our first orders are received Tuesday for filleting and packing by Wednesday. Nationally we only ship fresh products on Wednesdays and Thursdays to avoid delays in transport. For our own vans, customers and local customers we ship Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. If you are collecting from one of our locations your order will be packed and ready and we will let you know if it is NOT available for any reason, otherwise simply tick the delivery choice when completing your online order.

If you have requested a home delivery there is a £5 charge which is waived for orders over £50  

  • What time will my delivery arrive?

  • If delivered by our own vehicles you should receive it by 1:00 pm. If by Courier then generally by 3:00 pm. Remember to let us know where to leave it if you are not going to be in... 

  • How will I know my delivery is on its way?

  • You can call us anytime on 01502 589856 if being delivered by courier you should receive an e-mail advising you of delivery slots.

  • What if I'm not in when you deliver?

  • We can leave your parcel in a safe place.

  • How soon can you deliver?

  • Within 48 hours (taking into account that we deliver Tuesday to Saturday). This allows us time to source, prepare, dispatch and deliver your order to you. For example, if you place an order Monday, we can deliver Wednesday. Place an order on Friday, we can deliver on Tuesday.

    Please note, we don't delivery Mondays or Sundays.

  • How will my product be packaged?

  • We vacuum pack all our fresh fish making it super convenient for immediate use or transferring to the freezer.

  • How do you keep the fish chilled in transit?

  • We use purpose made chill-packs. we are confident that your seafood will arrive with you in pristine condition. The food safe chill-packs we use in your seafood box keep your fresh items perfectly fresh.

  • Where do you get your fish from?

  • We specialise in sourcing sustainable fish and shellfish directly, and can tell you exactly where it comes from, right down to the market, and even the boat.

  • How do I know it is sustainable?

  • The entire team here is fully committed to quality, flexibility and service for all its customers and also to the protection of the environment and sea species for the benefit of the current generation and those that follow.
    Every item supplied and sold by Cole's complies with strict requirements for the size and age of fish and shellfish, and are always seasonal.

  • Is my fish suitable for home freezing?

  • The simple answer is Yes! Our vacuum-packed fish makes it really easy to manage your order.

  • What do you mean by fresh fish?

  • 3-5 days fresher than the Supermarket. It has never been frozen. Where we buy from the local market, we buy on quality and not purely on price. We are constantly monitoring our suppliers to ensure we get the best quality all the time.

  • Why is your fish and shellfish better than I can get at the supermarket?

  • All our seafood is between 3 and 5 days fresher than you can get from the supermarket.

  • How do I know how much to buy of each product and species?

  • We are here to help. Each product online will give you a guideline for purchasing what you need. If you need help or advice, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us on 01502 589856.

  • How can I ask questions about your products and service?

  • We are here to help. We have tried to cover all bases on our individual items listed but if you need help or advice, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us on 01502 589856.