(92693) Hot Smoked Salmon Traditional Cure 180g Fillet (Kosher)

(92693) Hot Smoked Salmon Traditional Cure 180g Fillet (Kosher)

Hot (or Kiln) Smoked Salmon is prepared using the same prime quality Scottish or Norwegian superior fish that we use for our traditional smoked Salmon. The hot smoking process use kilns that burn local Oak at a high temperature which not only gives a wonderful flavour but also cooks the fish slowly to perfection. The result is a superb tasting, ready to eat, healthy meal.

We always use a fine grade, kosher salt in the curing process to give an efficient and even conditioning. The smoke is natural seasoned Oak set in fire draws. The kiln draws the hot smoke over the product until the inside temperature of the fish reaches 72 degrees.  The Salmon is then chilled and rested before being being packed and shipped.

Our portions are typically 200g which is a generous main meal or good for two starters. A 500g pack is generally enough for 3-4 people our whole sides serve 8 to 10 people.

We vacuum pack all of our Kiln Smoked Salmon for extended freshness and freezability.  

  • Soft texture, and full of flavour.  
  • Individual Vacuum Packed for long life.
  • Product can be heated or enjoyed straight from the pack 
  • Catch Area FAO Area 27 (Atlantic, Northeast) Scotland or Norway .
  • Approx serving size about 100g 
  • Use within 3 days of opening. 
  • Please beware this product may contain bones 
  • Allergens Include Fish !

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  • Product Information

    Salmon are considered “anadromous” which means they live in both fresh and salt water. They are born in freshwater where they spend a few months to a few years (depending on the species) before moving out to the ocean. When it's time to spawn, they head back to freshwater.

    Salmon is the common name for several species of ray-finned fish in the family Salmonidae. Other fish in the same family include trout, char, grayling, and whitefish. Salmon are native to tributaries of the North Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. 

    Scientists believe Salmon navigate by using the earths magnetic field like a compass. When they find the river they came from, they start using smell to find their way back to their home stream. They build their ‘smell memory-bank’ when they start migrating to the ocean as young fish.

  • Cooking Guide

    Cooking Guide

    serve-as-is.pngtick.pngHot Smoked Salmon can be served straight from the pack, added to a lovely summer salad and I cant think of anything better. 
    blend.pngtick.pngI would suggest this as a great way to make some absolutely sensational pate.
    fry.pngtick.pngA great way to cook it especially if you want to add it to some scrambled eggs or a creamy pasta dish. Yum!    
    microwave.pngtick.pngA quick blast in the microwave to warm through but it doesn't need long. 
    grill.pngtick.pngA couple of minutes under the grill is a great way to crisp up the salmon and goes really well on toast.
    oven-bake.pngtick.pngthere are a few great recipes out there that require you to bake the gravlax in them.
    simmer.pngcross.jpgI have not heard of any recipes that require you to boil/simmer gravlax, but the world is a big place and maybe somewhere out there a recipe calls for it.
    steam.pngcross.pngOnce again this is not something I have tried but it is possible to light steam it for a couple of minute so that the flesh goes light and flaky. 
    storage.pngtick.pngHot smoked salmon will keep well in the vacuum pack. Generally we will give it 21 days to be on the safe side, this item can be frozen and the quicker you freeze the better it is when you thaw..

  • Nutrition Data
    Nutrition Facts
    For a Serving Size of 100 grams (100g)
    Calories206Calories from Fat 111.2 (54%)

    % Daily Value *
    Total Fat12.4g-
    Saturated fat 2.5g-
    Monounsaturated fat 4.4g-
    Polyunsaturated fat 4.4g-
    Net carbs 0g-
    Fiber 0g0%
  • Recipe Ideas

    Smoked  Salmon Tacos

    Ingredients -

    2 pounds salmon

    1 cup brown sugar

    1/3 cup salt

    1 quart water

    chipotle (/ Sugar mix, optional)

    honey (/ Maple syrup, optional)

    4 tomatoes

    2 serrano peppers or equivalent

    2 garlic cloves

    1 cup chicken broth

    1 tablespoon sunflower oil

    1/4 white onion



    Monterey jack cheese (or Chihuahua, grated)

    iceberg lettuce

    lime wedges

    corn tortillas (White or Yellow)



    With a baking sheet place 3 of the tomatoes, 1 serrano pepper and 2 garlic cloves. Broil for a couple minutes then flip the tomatoes for another 2 minutes. Take them out and let them cool. Remove the skin off the tomatoes and cut the top from the serrano peppers. Put the serrano peppers, tomatoes and garlic in a blender and blend until smooth.  Chop your remaining tomato, onion and remaining serrano pepper. In a sauté pan, heat up 1 tbsp of sunflower oil and add your chopped tomato, onion and serrano. Sauté until the onions are translucent, then add the blended tomatoes. Add 1 cup of chicken broth and cook down for 5 minutes. Season with bouillon to taste.  

    Get your salmon and tear it apart making sure you have bigger chunks without any skin or bones. Add to your tomato mixture and carefully coat – letting it soak up some of the juices for another 5 minutes. Turn the heat off and set aside.

    In a cast iron or heavy bottom pan, heat up your tortillas with a little butter. Add the cheese as if you were making quesadillas. Once the cheese is gooey add the salmon and let the outside of the tortilla brown a little. Serve immediately with shredded lettuce and lime wedges. 



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